Nearly 2 weeks ago I was introduced to CBD. I had never heard about it or used it but once i did, I was hooked! Pain I have had for a decade in my ankles and legs from the Marines was gone in 20 minutes! And still gone when I woke up the following day! Unfortunately, many people believe they will fail a drug test by using a CBD product. To help convince people that you can use CBD and not fail a drug test I decided to take twice the recommended dosage for 4 days, take a urinalysis and post my results. In all I was using CBD for 7 days before the test which was on Monday, but raised the dose significantly for the last 4 days prior to the test. And my results were NEGATIVE for marijuana (THC)! Of course my results are my results. I’m not claiming that these results would be the same for everybody. Take a look at the results below.

The benefits of using CBD are unbelievable! And hopefully my test results opens the door for people in a ton of industries to begin benefiting the way I have. Union workers, federal workers, hospital staff, etc. if you know anyone who has been hesitant to use CBD for fear of failing a drug screen show them my results and send them my way to learn more about the only liquid based, whole flower CBD product on the market. And did I mention a dose is 2 drops, contains no ethanol or other gases and has up to a 90% absorption rate? Share this with everyone!!

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