Sharing my testimony today. ❤️
I’ve suffered from anxiety and overwhelming stress for a long time. Since I was 11 to be exact, when I had my first panic attack. I always do a lot in my life, I hardly slow down because when I do, my anxiety creeps up. Though doing a lot means I’m overwhelmed by stress instead of anxiety. Neither is good, they both have had poor effects on my health, my marriage, and my family at times. I’ve struggled to find something natural that I felt good taking; prescription medication made me feel cloudy and I hated that more than the anxiety or stress. 
After being introduced to Suthe: a CBD fluid, my life has changed dramatically. 
I feel like I can relax without my mind racing, I can sleep without waking up panicked, I can put my toddler to bed without wanting to scream my head off, I can talk to my husband without being irritable. The feeling of impending doom that loomed over me daily has subsided, and I feel so much hope and so much happiness that I can be there for my family the way they need me. I LOVE my Suthe! ❤️

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