Wow did our CBD work a miracle yesterday. One of my good family friends suffers from seizures since she was a teenager. Yesterday as we were leaving a restaurant she had a seizure and usually it takes her a while to get out of it and she feels drained. Well while she was having the seizure we gave her 3 drops of the CBD and almost immediately she began to get out of the seizure and was able to get up and get her strength back. Everyone was Blown Away because we have seen how she has been in the past and it takes her a while to feel better. Last night she had another seizure and again we gave her the CBD. She opened eyes almost immediately and she got her strength back. We told her what we did and with tears in her eyes she tells me she knew something felt different. She was skeptical at first but after experiencing this, she finally found something that is going to help her ❤️Talk about life changing.

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