This water soluble CBD has literally changed my life. I have always heard about the health benefits of CBD, but it always came in an Oil form, and I was never impressed. CBD aids with stress/anxiety, mood/behavior, Pain, Neuro, GI health, arthritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, helping with cancer and shrinking tumors!!!!! I mean EVERYTHING damn near. And so I thought I’d give this one a try for myself, 100% Organic Whole Flower fluid.

First of all, I felt a change with the first dose. 
Second of all, I feel a complete difference in my stress and anxiety level — The other day at work (Nurse on Telemetry Floor), I was walking around getting my tasks done, and when I sat down to chart, I realized “Wow I am being extra nice to my patients today”… and then another thought came into my head “Wow, why haven’t I been cursing at all today?” And then I realized “I don’t feel that Knot in my chest!” You know, the stress knot that I feel on an everyday basis due to built up stress and anxiety??!! ITS GONE. 
I feel so chill and relaxed inside. It’s like I don’t have the capability to feel that knot anymore. THIS IS BIG FOR ME, especially at work as an RN.
I’ve also had the deepest, peaceful sleep that I haven’t had in Years. 

Anyways, I don’t usually post stuff like this, But I know with my heart that this needs to be in all hospitals to help cure patients. And the world. 

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