Our 14 year old micro-schnauzer yorkie mix just had what was either a stroke or vestibular disease. The vet is unsure because they look so similar. It was bad. He fell over and lost the ability to walk. His little legs kept giving out on him, he walked with an unsteady gait, and had several other symptoms. I instantly open his mouth and rubbed 2 drops of CBD fluid on his tongue. He stopped seizing with a minute or two but remained anxious shaking and turning his head from side to side for a few minutes afraid from what had happened then he began to calm down and his gait slowly improved. 

We laid hands on him and prayed because we’ve seen God heal him from other issues. He’s already outlived the average schnauzer’s life span of 12 years. 

He had a collapsed trachea years ago and the anxiety from not being able to breathe was almost instantly improved with CBD fluid in the past. 

I THANK GOD for this product, even though the vet says they don’t recommend it because they don’t know enough about it and didn’t want me giving it to him. Instead their solution was to watch him for 7 minutes and if it didn’t stop to take him to the emergency vet. 

I told them I will use it again if it ever happens because I’ve seen first hand what it’s done for him and I won’t sit and watch him suffer needlessly when I have something that can stop it. I’ve seen it now with two separate health issues and I know what it does even if more research is needed to understand why. Even if it only takes his anxiety away, it’s worth every penny and I will never be without CBD fluid in my house. 

I feed my dogs a raw freeze dried diet (thus enzymes) but since this incident I mix the Balance and Vibe capsule (brain food) in a stored container and dip my finger in water and smear it on their tongue daily (not a lot, just 1/5 the size of a dime) for their little bodies.

Thank you STEVE for this astounding product!!! And THANK YOU, GOD, for putting it on this earth!!

We LOVE our boy (George) who we’ve had since he was a puppy and aren’t ready to see him go, but know that day will come. Just trying to give him the best quality and longest life possible. He’s still spunky and happy, even at his age. 

It’s now an hour later and he’s resting comfortably, praise God!!!

***** Disclaimer: I know CBD is a very controversial issue. I also know science hasn’t caught up with the why behind the results being seen by so many every day. Any remedy, whether natural or pharmaceutical is a personal choice that others may not agree with. I remain thankful for this product and would do the same thing if faced with the situation again. Others may not and I both support and respect that right to choose, be it for yourself or your pet. This is just my testimony. I’m not telling anyone else what to do or not do.

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