Opioids and Cannabinoids (CBD): Let’s talk receptors.

We know there is an Opioid crisis in America. 72,000 Americans died of Opioid-related overdoses in 2017. That’s about 197 per day.  ☹

❓What does that have to do with CBD and receptors❓

It’s been known for 150 years ‼️that cannabis can act in concert with opioids to treat pain and allowing what’s called “opioid sparing.” This means a lower dose producing the same or better level of pain control. WOW!!

➡️Opioid and cannabinoid receptors are both present in pain areas of the brain. 
➡️Opioid and cannabinoid receptors are also present in areas of the brain that have to do with addiction.
➡️When cannabinoids or opioids come in, they fit into the receptor (Like a key in a keyhole)🔑

✅Cannabidiol acts as an anti-addictive substance…It actually works on an area of the brain called the insula that reduces craving.
✅Another component in cannabis, a terpenoid called caryophyllene, is also anti-addictive through a totally different mechanism than CBD. 
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👏It’s good to know that 🌱Plant-Based Medicine is coming to the forefront to address issues like this and so much more.

No matter the reason, Süthe is a great tool for your health toolbox.

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